A Letter to Sarah

I have never been the right person to come to, or even the right person to handle pain. Especially loss of someones life. There was just something off about this particular morning. The 23rd of May 2017. For one reason or another I could not sleep well and I remember asking God to let his will be done and i went back to sleep.


The first time I met you was a Sunday. right after church. you came to visit together with your husband and children. you are one of the people who asked more than the usual “how are you” questions. you asked how my Sunday was, what course I was studying in university and if I actually liked it. Something that no one has ever asked. At least on the first day of meeting.  your children are the most beautiful beings ever! I am sorry I never got to tell you that but I guess its now too late.

I still remember the silent prayer I made, asking God to give me a family like yours. a supportive husband like yours. I am sorry I never got to tell you that I admired your family, but I guess its now too late.

We did a surprise house make over for your house. and it was just amazing to see how many people supported that project and just came to support you. I know having cancer is not an easy thing.  see, we gave you the coastal feel you have always wanted and the look on your face melted my heart.

ITAK-MBASOUT-1The way you hugged your husband and thanked him for the beautiful surprise, the way you asked your kids if they liked the house, I still play that in my mind. I am sorry I could not tell you that I liked it too, but I guess its too late now.

My sister asked me what my best project was and without blinking I said yours was. because I knew this came from my heart. After talking to your house manager, I learned so much about you (forgive my curious mind Sarah). I learned that you are giving, and loving and above all, positive. I remember asking God to give me such a heart too. you knew that one day you would beat cancer, and see your kids grow up and so was it a prayer. I am sorry I did not tell you that I prayed for you daily, but guess it is too late.

Sarah, you were an amazing woman. I learned faith from you and how to love God in all situations. to give from a heart of love. and to give without expecting anything in return.

My heart goes out to your family. Your little children. I know you will be watching them from above. I also know that heaven has truly gained an angel. please say hi to my dad while there, tell him I will write to him too, very soon.


I still can not believe you are gone!

Rest with the angels Sarah..


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  1. That’s my kid sis,well done and keep going.As for Sarah,the angels are rejoicing for she has joined them.Gone too soon.


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