Where did we go wrong?

I like checking Facebook especially in my free time. I guess that is why i know a lot about people( you know, like that trip to Mombasa you took with your friends or, oh!remember that boyfriend you had and then suddenly you deleted all your photos together? yea, I also know that) some people call it stalking but I like to sugar coat a bit and call it getting in touch with my surrounding.  Of course, once in a while I do post a pic and just so you know, I get just enough likes to keep me relevant in the society (I’m still aiming for the triple numbers) those few likes that make you feel like you’ve finally made it in life and you can go back to that math teacher and shove it in their face that you’ve finally made it! I like that too but today is a different day. Let’s converse about something else. Going by the name of the post itself, you already have an idea…

It is just recently that the police killed a young thug from Kayole. It pinched somewhere to see such a young life taken at a tender age. Why get into crime? Is it because we live in a society that wants quick money? That it doesn’t matter how you get money as long as you can flaunt on insta and make the rest of us feel like we are doing nothing with our lives? A society where having a sponsor is an achievement. Where did we go wrong? Please don’t give me the technology.

I read somewhere, an insight on how these girls get hooked up on crime. My heart just couldn’t help it. Most of these young girls do it because well, although it is not an excuse, they have to. Mostly they have little to no role models whom they have to look up to. The main gangsters get into an agreement with their parents who give out their kids and in return they are offered large sums of money (back to the issue of quick money). To the girls, no is never an option lest they are killed and so do their parents.

This isn’t right. Most of theses thugs end up dead, be it by mob justice or by being shot killed by police. The question is, what went wrong? Which parent would give out their kid to be a gangster in exchange for money? Have we come to that as a society? It really baffles me.

So this night, on one of my many stalking sprees I came across this picture of a half naked girl on insta. She literally had nothing on. Her waist down. But her caption! eh banange! The caption was enough to stop a world war… So the lady drew some righteous verse from the Bible. Girl tell us about righteousness.

Well, I’m not about to judge since I already judged her in my mind (don’t we all always do this)? Plus it’s too early in our relationship for us to start judging people. There we go again, digressing. Let’s try imagine how her photo shoot went. Something like:

Her: Me nataka pics poa, kitu itapata likes mob Instagram

Him(photographer): You know i got you covered


Her: I know, something that will still preserve my dignity and stuff( whatever stuff means)

Him: Wewe pose tu, ill take the photos..

Then the final product (drum roll) ….

The half naked photo!

I still wonder if her lady parts are still called private parts coz clearly they aren’t  private anymore! But to each his own…but to the extent of ‘naked’ photos? eh!

We should ask ourselves hard questions as a society (well, aside from where unga will come from’ or whether the maize is really from Mexico). We need to find out where we went wrong and pushed our youth into such acts. We must admit that something isn’t right somewhere and try to fix it because we are the future parents. Such young souls shouldn’t continue dying while we celebrate their executions.

Happy Read.

ION (In Other News):

I have a pun. Want to hear?

I have very cheesy jokes but most of my friends are laughtose intolerant *winks both eyes*

not punny? Ok bye!








13 thoughts on “Where did we go wrong?

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  1. Hiyo blog imeweza roho safi…
    Ingawa umenitupa kwa part ya debacles…itabidi nirudi kwa mwalimu wangu miguna miguna atanichanua kwa hiyo stori.
    But that’s real art, kudos😉


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