I have faith!

Over the past few weeks, I have not been to write. Now, some people call it a writers block but i just do not believe there can be such a thing. To me, its laziness, and procrastination and did I mention the amount of assignments weighing me down? but that is not an excuse right? because we are a family, and I am here to share with you my thoughts but most importantly, I am here to make mistakes with my life, then tell you about it so you do not have to mess up yours.

Frens, today let us take a walk of faith. Let us reconnect with our maker. Many are the times, especially for me when I get so busy that I give very little time for my spiritual nourishment. Of late I have been praying to God for godly friends and divine connections. Tell you what, God hears our prayers and answers them at the right time.

Just a week later, through a group I met (saw her post) Uchey Malo, a beautiful girl with cherub cheeks and a smile to die for(I don’t know why i did this). She shared her blog post and on reading it, it spoke to me in a very special way, and at that point, a still voice told me “inbox her and ask her to write an article for you. i would like you two to work together” I knew that was God’s voice and fast forward to now, here is an article Uchey has written. I pray it ministers to you! God answered my prayer and I haven’t even met her personally, but God handled my business. Happy read loves!

I have faith!

This may sound like the easiest declaration from any believers mouth but I have come to realize that all that is but a fallacy.

Faith is never a destination, faith as I have come to learn is a journey. Not a journey with a said destination more like a discovery journey, one with no end but full of new things. Like any journey, you’ll need to pack a few things before you embark on the journey. For this journey you’ll need your spirit plugged into the Holy Spirit which is what we in the physical call, ‘being born again’ or ‘ receiving Christ as your Savior’ or any other phrases used, that’s what it means. It essentially means that you have let God take the King seat in your heart and you have stepped down. Very often we fail as humans because we make our hearts a couch where we can share the seat with God when all we are to do is make our hearts a throne for the only One and only king, Christ.

Receiving Christ isn’t the birth place of faith yet, but it is a step in the right direction. Then comes this thing called trust. I beg to ask, is there anyone you trust? why do you trust them? As humans, we tend to trust people who have proven their loyalty to us time and again. People who have comfortably been with us through the stages and phases of life, then they prove they win our trust. Here comes the twist of life, we find it easier to trust mere creations than the Creator. In many circumstances, we just choose not to give God a chance to deal with the situation. We always want to do things our way, how we know best, the way education claims to be the right way, the tried and tested ways yet God asks us not to lean on our own understanding but in all our ways acknowledge Him. That right there is the hardest task of any human being. Having the knowledge of something but choosing to lean on the one who knows your end from your beginning, the One who knows you best and has the best lined up for you. Now that is the birthplace of trust.

Trusting God is not declaring that we don’t have the knowledge of what we are doing or where we are going. Contrary to common belief, it is a silent declaration that you have the knowledge of where you are going ,of  what challenges lie along the way, of what point the break through will come and the right buttons to press. I mean the road has already been traveled before, you can use other people’s travel strategies. Yet you choose not to. You choose to surrender all this knowledge in exchange for God’s ultimate wisdom. You choose not to walk by what you can see but make yourself vulnerable to the doing of the Lord. He who made everything and said, ‘It was beautiful’ will take just a mere process and make it beautiful for you.  What may seem as a mere journey to the human eye, has been transformed to a beautiful process of growth by God in His mighty works. Trusting God with the little opens room for faith to develop.

Faith as Hebrews 11:1 tells us is ‘Confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see’. In my words, it is confidence in what I hope for which at the moment may be; a permanent job, good grades, to successfully graduate, financial stability, to move out, healing for my broken heart, a God fearing husband, a beautiful family with two sons and a daughter, a successful business, a piece of land, a house (insert what you hope for here) . That is what I am confident in; my hopes. Assurance about what we do not see, this just means assurance that God is working on my case to ensure His good and perfect will for me in what I have confident hope in. Assurance that God who is my Father will never give me a snake once I ask for bread, assurance that God will take me through some rough times to grow and mature me, assurance that the Lord who heard Hannah and Sarah’s cry in their moment of despair, is still seated on His throne in my moment of despair, assurance that the God who used ravens to feed Elijah, will provide for me in the hardest of situations. Assurance that the God who kept me since birth, who was with me through primary school through to high school. The Lord whose mercies are new every morning, The Lord who breathes life into me every morning, The Lord who has proven Himself God over and over again in my life, The Lord whom I trust will fulfill all my hopes and desires all for the glory of His name.

I am confident to say now that I surrender and submit myself to the process that God has laid forth for me. I have faith in God!



Guy: eh madam, kwani hito ngozi yako ndio ilitumika kufunga paul and silas?

Me: (smling) mbona?

Guy: ni nyororo..



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  1. Wooow, u knw at first when we talked about having no worries i thought right there u had a slight slip of faith…but after seeing this post u’ve just showed me how hopeful u r, good to know some1 has faith in God even if the situation is not perfect @ the moment. And btw i love the post nd the creativity in it, nd last bt nt the least, God loves u.

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