What most people do not know about me is that when I am excited about a topic I stammer. My mind start traveling many light years before my mouth hence I go completely blank. But thank God for blogs, notebooks, pens and keyboards.

It is often said (by me) that if at first you fail, take a step back, eat cake and other junk. Then get stressed because you have eaten so much yet your goal at the beginning of this year,(and the year before this, and the year before the year before this) was to lose weight.  Now, get worried because you will be overweight and no one will want you. after this is done, think about your life, re-arrange your priorities then go for it. Do this till you achieve what you want in life.

I digress. A lot, so many times that by the time I realize that I have digressed I am too deep into the 45th story and it is normally too hard to come back. Just like now!
Call me a psycho but I like doing a background check on each person I talk to. And those whom I do not talk to, or even have no interest in them at all.

In a room I can either be these two people: the less talkative or the one giving all the stories. Most of the time I am the latter. Nothing in between. Though this is very odd since I am very awkward in social places. I am super afraid of crowds!

I like music, and also I like it when my tea is called coffee. Black, with no sugar. Opinions? Of course I do have one. Okay, maybe too many. But that is why you are here, to read about them, share a laugh or ten, a few tears, etc. I am a professional earphone De-tangler (ask my friends). There is just something about me detangling earphones that make me feel accomplished in my life. Like I have achieved something great, like I have gone against all those who said I wouldn’t make it. It is when detangling earphones for my friends(at a small price) or myself that I suddenly get those million dollar ideas; like the words I am using to describe myself that makes you the reader think that I have things under control but truth is, I am an interesting mess. And most of the times i do not even realize i have been walking all day with a food stain on my top.

 Feel free to refer me where I can get jeans that do not rip at the inseam! As you know I am from Thighland (pun intended)
After I have  said almost everything about myself, I am Savai Lomosi, in the second floor of life(whatever that means),a student of journalism, a daughter, sister, an aunt to eight amazing humans, a friend, an upcoming writer and You tuber.
Welcome to my thoughts(which by the way you will be occupying almost all of it).

P.S I have a very weird sense of humor.

P.S.S I can be fat and still waaaay out of your league.



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