What most people do not know about me is that when I am excited about a topic I stammer. My mind start traveling many light years before my mouth hence I go completely blank. But thank God for blogs, notebooks, pens and keyboards.

Let me tell you from the onset that I have major trust issues. Or is it daddy issues?I always think about what I am about to do and how it will affect me in future.

It is often said (by me) that if at first you fail, take a step back, eat cake and other junk. After this is done, think about your life, re-arrange your priorities then go for it. Do this till you achieve what you want in life.

I digress. A lot, so many times that by the time I realize that I have digressed I am too deep into the 45th story and it is normally too hard to come back. Just like now!
Call me a psycho but I like doing a background check on each person I talk to. And those whom I do not talk to, or even have no interest in them at all.

In a room I can either be these two people: the less talkative or the one giving all the stories. Most of the time I am the latter. Nothing in between. Though this is very odd since I am very awkward in social places. I am super afraid of crowds!

I like music, and also I like it when my tea is called coffee. Black, with no sugar. Opinions? Of course I do have one. Okay, maybe too many. But that is why you are here, to read about them, share a laugh or ten, a few tears, etc. I am a professional earphone De-tangler (ask my friends). There is just something about me detangling earphones that make me feel accomplished in my life. Like I have achieved something great, like I have gone against all those who said I wouldn’t make it. It is when detangling earphones for my friends(at a small price) or myself that I suddenly get those million dollar ideas; like the words I am using to describe myself that makes you the reader think that I have things under control but truth is, I am an interesting mess. And most of the times i do not even realize i have been walking all day with a food stain on my top.

I hope my blog makes you choose yourself over and over again. I hope it makes you proud of the mistakes you have made and the ones you are about to make. I hope you learn also that the world is only as small as you make it. I hope you look in the mirror and say (in the words of Gabrielle Union) “I choose my motherfucking self”.  Oh yea, I do cuss. A lot!

 Feel free to refer me where I can get jeans that do not rip at the inseam! As you know I am from Thighland (pun intended).

After I have  said almost everything about myself, I am Savai Lomosi, in the second floor of life(whatever that means),a student of journalism, a daughter, sister, an aunt to eight amazing humans, a friend and an upcoming writer.
Welcome to my thoughts(which by the way you will be occupying almost all of it).

P.S I have a very weird sense of humor.

P.S.S I can be fat and still waaaay out of your league.

P.S.S.S The fact that I have more sleeping clothes than going out clothes says a lot about me.

Once again, welcome to my thoughts.



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