I digress. A lot, so many times that by the time I realize that I have digressed I am too deep into the 45th story and it is normally too hard to come back. Just like now!
Call me a psycho but I like doing a background check on each person i talk to. And those whom I do not talk to, or even have no interest in them at all.
In a room I can either be these two people: the less talkative or the one giving all the stories(Oh, there is just something about watching people while they talk!). Nothing in between.
I like music, and also I like it when my tea is called coffee. And it should be black, with no sugar. Opinions? Of course I do have one. Okay, maybe too many. But that is why you are here my dear, to read about them. Or rather, we will share them.
After all is said, I am Savai Lomosi, in the second floor of life(whatever that means),a student of journalism, an upcoming writer and Youtuber.
Welcome to my thoughts.


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