Dear Daughter

Hello... It’s me. I am back (well, hopefully for good). First off, let me thank the people who asked about why I don’t post anymore (by people I just mean one person). You know, my script was like this: I would not post in a while (a long while) then after a month or so,... Continue Reading →


Dear Nathaniel…

It is amazing that as I write this, I am listening to Jealous by Labrinth. And maybe I am jealous. Jealous that you have rested and gotten away from all this. Jealous that you are not here to experience the sadness and the dark cloud that hovers around. I am jealous that you are not... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Sarah

I have never been the right person to come to, or even the right person to handle pain. Especially loss of someones life. There was just something off about this particular morning. The 23rd of May 2017. For one reason or another I could not sleep well and I remember asking God to let his... Continue Reading →

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