Getting this particular guy to write for my post was like getting Biko Zulu to write for me! Just for this once I will give myself credit for actually approaching a guy (I am a very shy person) for the first time! I will also give myself credit for my humor. Amidst a laugh here... Continue Reading →


I have faith!

Over the past few weeks, I have not been to write. Now, some people call it a writers block but i just do not believe there can be such a thing. To me, its laziness, and procrastination and did I mention the amount of assignments weighing me down? but that is not an excuse right?... Continue Reading →

I am dignified!

This post has been a long one coming, well coz of the debate of whether to post it or not, but finally, here it is! Feel free to judge... Just recently my campus launched a Sexual Harassment Bill. It was one of those days, I was sleepy, tired, had classes back to back and did... Continue Reading →

Where did we go wrong?

I like checking Facebook especially in my free time. I guess that is why i know a lot about people( you know, like that trip to Mombasa you took with your friends or, oh!remember that boyfriend you had and then suddenly you deleted all your photos together? yea, I also know that) some people call... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Sarah

I have never been the right person to come to, or even the right person to handle pain. Especially loss of someones life. There was just something off about this particular morning. The 23rd of May 2017. For one reason or another I could not sleep well and I remember asking God to let his... Continue Reading →

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