Dear Daughter

Hello... It’s me. I am back (well, hopefully for good). First off, let me thank the people who asked about why I don’t post anymore (by people I just mean one person). You know, my script was like this: I would not post in a while (a long while) then after a month or so,... Continue Reading →


Update 101!

It is October! Initially this post was supposed to be up by 1st Oct, but I have this thing where I say things then I start working on it at least ten days later, so here we are. First, I am really trying to adult! With assignments on one hand and life in your 20’s... Continue Reading →

Struggles, struggles

Tell you what, when growing up I was the fat girl (now there are sweeter versions). I particularly used to hate the P.E (physical education) but now the worst part was that we used to have (let’s say it together) P.E five days in a week! For a long time, I did not like my... Continue Reading →

Where did we go wrong?

I like checking Facebook especially in my free time. I guess that is why i know a lot about people( you know, like that trip to Mombasa you took with your friends or, oh!remember that boyfriend you had and then suddenly you deleted all your photos together? yea, I also know that) some people call... Continue Reading →

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